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New preconstruction home builders and developers for the State of Florida bring you the real estate that you always desired… All the more because it is the real estate in Florida, the state where homes and condos are sought after by one and all, all the year long! The beauty and charm of Florida speaks for itself, and it is further augmented by the Florida home builders and developers who bring you the most exquisite luxury homes and condos. Florida preconstruction homes will give you luxury of living in an estate home and also give you the pleasure of relaxing by the beaches in a cottage. has the most extensive list of new home builders and developers throughout the state of Florida.

EXCLUSIVE *Up to 2% CASH BACK - Preconstruction homes. $1,000’s in savings! Average rebates to our customers are $3,000-$15,000! You never pay more for your purchase by using us. You only save money.

Move your mouse to the Panhandle, North, Central, Southwest, or Southeast area on the Florida map. Each region will take you to a more detailed area in Florida to locate new preconstruction home builders and developers.

1) Mouse Over the map to find the counties within a region.
2) Click on a Region to navigate to a more detailed map of that region.


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* Up to 2% Cash Rebate is provided.  The actual % depends upon the Builder. Seawinds Realty, Inc. is not associated with any developer.
We are an independent real estate company that provides cash back rebates to our customers who choose to do business through us.